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Dessert tip!

Delicious homemade chocolate sauce

Forget the chocolate sauces in the supermarket! Here's a super easy recipe for a delicious chocolate sauce to pour over your warm brownie or ice cream! You will be proud of yourself and never want to taste a sauce again!


1. In a saucepan, beat the cream, cocoa and sugar together until all the lumps have been removed.

2. Add the butter and bring to a boil over medium to medium heat.

3. Stir continuously, simmer. Keep stirring until you get a thick sauce. The sauce is thick enough when the drops slowly fall from your spoon.

4. Let cool and pour into a glass jar and put in the fridge to cool. After cooling, your chocolate sauce is ready!

  • 200 ml of whipped cream

  • 30g cocoa powder

  • 85g sugar

  • 45g butter

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