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Discovering and creating new things

With Lucy's Lab I'll share inspiration and recipes

to try at home


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Inspiring recipes

Here I share with you some of my discoveries in the kitchen or by creative customers and friends to try at home.

Let's make our days sweeter!

Christmas special

Steal the show this Christmas with the Christmas tree brownie!


Lemon brownie mousse

Perfect for quick dessert if you don't have time in the kitchen!


Homemade chocolate sauce

A super easy and delicious recipe to pour on your warm brownie or an ice cream!


4 easy steps for a perfect dessert

Step 1

Pick a basic product

This is the base of your dessert. It can be the traditional brownie or one of the filled ones...

It's up to you! ;)

Step 2

Add 2 side ingredients

A side ingredient will tickle the tongue because of the extra tastes. For example, add a sour ingredient next to the sweet base. It can also add colors to your dessert.

Step 3

Choose a topping

With a topping you can give an extra dimension to your dessert. Crumbles, nuts, syrups or fruits are the most commons toppings. Choose the ones you like most!

Step 4

Dress the plate & serve

Time to dress up your plate. Be creative. First place the base, choose a position for the sides and last but not least sprinkle the topping with love. Now serve and enjoy!


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